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Partner Program

Partner Program Overview

OIT believes in the power of partnership. Through open communication and recognition of specialized functional abilities, our combined efforts yield more satisfied customers. OIT’s DocFinity® Partner Program is structured in two groups, Alliance / Referral Partners and Reseller Partners. Please see below for more information on each program.

If you are looking to offer your clients the best in an integrated EDM suite and would like to apply for a partnership, please contact us, email or call 814-238-0038.

Alliance / Referral Partners

OIT’s Alliance and Referral Partners develop complementary technologies that exemplify the flexibility and integration friendliness of OIT’s Suite of Document/Content Management Technology.

OIT Alliance and Referral Partners are organizations that wish to enter into a mutually beneficial agreement with OIT and, at the same time, offer a product or service that complements the DocFinity® suite and/or professional services. This type of partnership is characterized by a mutual opportunity to sell, market, and install to each other’s customer base and to new business prospects. OIT and Alliance and Referral Partners can independently provide real-world solutions to current, common, and new customers alike. Partners have the opportunity to share leads as well as to participate in joint marketing and promotional activities. These opportunities help each party to extend and profit from the sale of their own products and services.

Typical Alliance and Referral Partners wish to establish active, joint marketing efforts such as press releases, trade shows, and promotions to current existing client bases. They also are interested in proactive marketing efforts such as co-linking Web sites in order to make the business relationship mutually profitable.

The goals of the Alliance and Referral Partner Program are as follows:

  • To jointly increase each other’s lead base with a goal of increasing sales for both organizations.
  • To cooperatively promote each other’s products when needed to establish further market share and market recognition.
  • To expand each other’s market expertise, potentially opening new markets and opportunities to each other and targeting those opportunities through marketing and sales efforts.
  • To enhance each other’s product offerings to provide solutions to each organization’s customers.

Reseller Partners

From design to deployment and maintenance, our partner coalition offers the local expertise and industry knowledge that ensures the success of your business. Below is a partial list of OIT’s Reseller Partners.

OIT Reseller Partners are those organizations with—to a varying degree—the ability to sell, install, train, support, maintain, and customize the DocFinity® suite. Not only does each partner organization have unique skills, expertise, resources, and goals, but the marketplace also demands flexibility related to how business is structured and transacted. From vendors providing complementary technology, to vendors responsible for the installation and ongoing support of the DocFinity software in customer sites, OIT has the program for your company and interests.

DocFinity Reseller Partners include Referral Partners, Value Added Resellers (VAR), and Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEM). Depending on the level of partnership, these organizations have the capabilities to sell, install, train, support, maintain, and customize the DocFinity suite, as well as perform integration and interfacing tasks with other customer systems. In addition, OIT may leverage your organization to provide complementary products and services, including hardware, on-site project management, extended consulting services, and LAN/WAN-type support.

The goals of the Reseller Partner Program are as follows:

  • To allow the partner to sell their services to the organization for increased customization and implementation throughout the customer organization.
  • To have the partner sell their services to provide custom integration for the customer.
  • To have the partner identify new features and enhancements to the DocFinity software based on customer request and perceived need.
  • To increase OIT’s install base with geographically diverse partners who can provide a level of front-line service and support for OIT.

OIT has defined transaction levels depending on a partner’s resources and commitment level. This basis classifies how OIT and a partner work together on each individual sale/licensing transaction.

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