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BPM / Workflow

Improve Your Processes without Programming

DocFinity’s capabilities are limited only by your imagination‚Ķand planning.

BPM/WorkflowEnhancing your current processes through automation, self service, and process re-engineering can have dramatic effects on your bottom line. Business process management (BPM) gives organizations the ability to view, model, automate, process, and standardize the jobs that make up their business processes, helping to increase efficiency and expedite turnaround. A contemporary BPM solution offers far more than simple document management.

How it Works

DocFinity BPM software helps tie disparate software systems together to create seamless operations. It empowers managers to monitor their business activities; enables automated workflow reporting; and taps into audit capabilities that facilitate compliance with HIPAA, Sarbanes-Oxley (SOX), and other stringent regulations. BPM systems also allow managers to monitor output and job inventories, giving them the ability to make informed decisions regarding productivity.

When Workflow Doesn't Work

Easy to Design Workflows

By using our workflow and BPM tools, you can model, automate, execute, control, measure, and optimize all of your processes to align with your vision. You can flexibly adapt them as needs arise and opportunities demand using our drag-and-drop Design Toolbox. And you can be sure the workflow and BPM capabilities you employ will be collaborative extensions of the way your people interact. It will not dictate the ways in which that interaction must take place.

  • Eliminate time consuming and costly manual business processes through process automation.
  • Make educated decisions based on enterprise as well as individual process analytics.
  • Improve operational efficiency with the ability to direct work based on business rules and organizational best practices.
  • Optimize complex business processes while retaining the flexibility to readily make changes in response to the business environment.
  • Standardize business processes to achieve consistency in your outcome.
  • Measure performance at different levels, including user, group, job, process, and enterprise levels.
  • Forecast potential bottlenecks in the flow of work (and alter that flow when necessary).
  • Benefit from remote access to business processes.


BPM Designer ScreenshotProcess Designer

A simple, browser-based, intuitive interface that allows you to design and model the business processes that distribute jobs and automate tasks. Drag and drop Event, Activity, and Gateway nodes, and then connect them in order of execution. You can add annotations to the canvas, manage the configuration information that displays for each node, and adjust the canvas view. When a node on the canvas is selected, its properties display in the Configuration panel.

  • Distribute jobs
  • Route documents and/or data
  • Determine distribution methods and due dates
  • Add and configure User and Service Tasks
  • Automate tasks
  • Model Processes



JobsBPM Jobs Queue

Users view the jobs in their queue that have been distributed for various business processes. Users can check out jobs, view documents and instructions, and complete tasks.




BPM Processing Monitoring ScreenshotBusiness Process Monitoring

Allows administrators to see not only what processes are running, but also which versions and the number of active jobs that are associated with each process. BPM also offers the ability to drill down into the details of each specific instance. This allows you to manage active processes as well as export and import processes to and from your test and production environments.






AttendanceBPM Attendance Screenshot

Designated users or administrators can take attendance and set future absences for Business Process users, which are considerations for job distribution.




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