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Statutory, Regulatory, State, Federal, and Organizational Compliance: Covered.

Compliant Security

Don’t rely on memory to ensure compliance with mandates and regulations. Use DocFinity to automate compliance, improve audit results, and facilitate adherence to new mandates. It lets you implement, test, verify, and automate compliance plans, providing thorough protection, complete confidentiality, comprehensive documentation, and absolute transparency.

Store, index, access, and retrieve information in a centralized repository.

Enact disaster recovery measures for redundancy, co-locations, and backup in the event of natural disasters or other catastrophes.

Ensure privacy and security by putting accountability measures on files of any type that contain identity information.

Produce records on demand for audits, e-discovery requests, Open Records, or Right-To-Know regulations.

Set default retention schedules for backups, contract renewals, audit trails, data migration, and disposal.

Implement and document internal controls.

Validate the accuracy and integrity of financial management.

Establish procedures for reporting obligations.

Apply security precautions to limit user rights to document access and alteration.

Archive final forms of documents.

Push Buttons, Not Paper

DocFinity makes audit processes easier by centralizing files, documents, images, photos, emails, voice mails, and other auditable data in a fully searchable repository — or pointing to the location of information stored in other applications so you can find what you need immediately. Automated queries and Web access help auditors to do their jobs quickly, eliminating the need to search for days through boxes of materials. Digital workflow pushes audit-related tasks to the right parties for appropriate action.

As a result, staff members stay focused on their core competencies, routines and schedules aren’t interrupted, and proof of compliance need no longer be a source of dread.

DocFinity Complies

  • Patient Protection & Affordable Care Act
  • Sarbanes-Oxley (SOX)
  • Gramm Leach Bliley (GLBA)
  • Open Records Laws
  • The SEC
  • The Patriot Act
  • The Model Audit Rule
  • CFR Part 11
  • The Freedom of Information Act
  • The Data Protection Act
  • The Dodd-Frank Bill
  • And more…
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