Dashboards | DocFinity - Optical Image Technology


Monitor activities, other systems, and repositories.

Monitor the Health of your Organization

With Dashboards, you can visually see how your business is running, enabling you to proactively avoid bottlenecks in your processes and dips in productivity. With real-time monitoring capabilities of your DocFinity system, Dashboards lets you see where workloads are light or overloaded. It also monitors importers and your servers and repositories. You can also use it to gain insight into any of your other business systems.

And we’ve simplified the way your team builds dashboards so that business users can focus on the presentation without knowledge of SQL.

See how systems and repositories are keeping up with your processes.

Performance issues can often be tied to bogged down systems, overutilized importers, overworked servers, and full repositories. DocFinity Dashboards enables you to keep an eye on how these elements are functioning within your organization so you can be proactive about future needs, or make simple changes to expedite processes.

Identify bottlenecks within your processes in real time.

DocFinity Dashboards gives you a here-and-now view of what’s being accomplished. It can also allow you to compare today’s activities with those of the past month. You’ll identify when productivity is slow or efficient, see the reason, and know where to modify aspects of your processes based on this information.


Drill down into charts and graphs for further details.

Whether you are monitoring DocFinity or another system, you’ll be able to drill down into charts and graphs to view details – like the productivity of individual staff or the time of day your importer is causing issues. You can even drill down to a URL, allowing you to view a specific document or launch the job queue in question. These details can help your staff more directly identify and address concerns.