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Part of the Power of our System is its Ability to Integrate with Yours.

DocFinity integrates easily with legacy and departmental systems, line-of-business applications, web portals, email and fax software, and the other data streams and sources that keep businesses running. That enables you to:

  • Make information available at people’s fingertips
  • Automate activities by integrating data from other applications or data sources
  • Give clients, employees, and partners self-service options through webpage/portal integration
  • Auto-index data from other sources to save time and increase productivity.

Connect to Your Applications

DocFinity’s Web-services architecture is published to our client base to enable leveraging of the application programming interface (API) and simplifying integration, regardless of underlying protocols. Unlike other ECM systems, DocFinity features open standards, enhancing communication between software systems. In addition:

  • 1. DocFinity’s URL API offers integration with a simple URL call.
  • 2. DocFinity integrates with Microsoft Office.
  • 3. DocFinity Connect integrates existing line of business applications without programming and calls documents from DocFinity with a single keystroke.
  • 4. Fax Integration connects DocFinity to electronic fax servers.
  • 5. The HL7 module interoperates with clinical applications in healthcare facilities.


Accommodating Existing ECM Systems

  • If you are replacing your current ECM system, you can migrate all of your necessary documents, files, and associated metadata from the original system to DocFinity.
  • If you are retiring an ECM system but would like to leave your documents in their current storage location, DocFinity can import just the desired metadata and the pointers to all associated documents that are still housed in the previous locations.
  • If you are continuing to use your current content management system along with your new DocFinity solution, you can leverage a unique feature: the DocFinity Repository Plug-in. This allows you to import the document’s data into DocFinity but leave the document itself in the other ECM.  When you request to view the document, DocFinity will use the Repository plugin to find the document in the other system and display it in the DocFinity viewer as if it was in DocFinity.  For example, if one of your departments is using SharePoint and the rest of your enterprise is using DocFinity, you don’t need to duplicate the actual document in two repositories; and yet, users can access the document from either system.


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