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DocFinity Intelligent Capture

Intelligent Capture for Structured and Unstructured Documents

Register for Intelligent Capture WebinarBy adding DocFinity Intelligent Capture, powered by IRISXtract™ for Documents, to your DocFinity solution, you’ll not only eliminate manual indexing and the chance for human error; you’ll take your processes to a new level. As you’re tasked with accomplishing more with less resources, this technology frees up your human capital for meaningful work so you can improve turnaround time, better customer services, and ensure accuracy of the information on which you rely for decision making.

Key Features:

  • Extracts content, eliminating—or drastically reducing—the need for manual entry
  • Launches workflows and business processes based on extracted data
  • Offers intelligent recognition, with the ability to learn where data is held within specific documents
  • Eliminates the need for designing templates or identifying zones
  • Extracts lengthy detail from line items
  • Auto classifies large groups of documents held within a folder or being scanned without pre-sorting

A Capture Module Teeming with Intelligence:

DocFinity Intelligent Capture goes well beyond traditional zonal and template-based optical character recognition (OCR) capabilities. The software’s intelligent recognition functionality auto classifies documents and intuitively extracts information, adapting to changes within individual documents, both structured and unstructured. The module auto populates indexing fields associated with the document type and can push particular information to other systems. Data matching criteria in your DocFinity system triggers workflows. As the document is then ingested into the DocFinity system, appropriate retention rules are instantly applied to the lifecycle of the document without human intervention. The room for error during any of these steps is drastically reduced and standardization is upheld.

How it Works:

DocFinity Intelligent Capture

Incoming documents such as invoices, forms, and remittance statements are imaged or imported upon receipt. DocFinity Intelligent Capture auto-classifies the document or group of documents, and then extracts data buried within the document to auto-populate indexing fields, feed data to other systems, and trigger various workflows and business processes—all without manual intervention.  It integrates seamlessly with all DocFinity modules, including records management, ensuring that retention plans are applied accordingly. As a result, accurate information is available immediately to your employees and departments.


With the DocFinity Intelligent Capture module powered by IRISXtract for Documents, the module can be integrated with your core and line of business applications, enabling your staff to access critical business information from within their familiar processing interface as soon as it is captured.

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