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DocFinity on Mobile

Search and upload documents and complete tasks on the go.

The ability to access your corporate information via your smartphone or tablet is no longer a luxury. Mobile connectivity can enable you to shorten cycle times as well as improve productivity, collaboration, and decision making. DocFinity supports popular smartphone and tablet operating systems including iOS and Android devices, and offers the security and compliance that you require.

Upload images and documents.

Use your mobile device as a point of entry for critical business information. You can upload a single document or a group of files into DocFinity.

Search and view documents.

Access the information you need at exactly the time and place you need it. You can pull a list of documents from any pre-built search for which you have access. You can even narrow your results by entering specific search parameters such as account number, category, and/or document type. A PDF of the document of your choosing will open in a new window so you don’t lose your search results.

Process workflow tasks and complete approvals.

Via a link in an email, you can complete workflow tasks such as reviewing items that are PDF and URL viewable, entering data, and submitting approvals. You can also insert URLs in the task list to provide access to a complementary system to assist in completing tasks, such as enabling a person to review contracts or policies in order to make an informed decision.

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