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Records Management

Protection, Security, Management, Access, Retention, and Disposal.

Historically, Records Management solutions were a struggle to enforce due to the human factor – busy individuals not knowing that something should be declared a record, declaring everything a record, or not wanting to take responsibility and avoiding the record process regardless of the ramifications to the company. This can arguably be the reason why records management has not been adopted as widely as you’d expect in a 30+ year old industry.

This is why DocFinity’s Records Management module, seamlessly integrated into our content management (ECM) system, takes the human factor out of the equation. DocFinity considers everything a record – some just have a higher value than others. Companies set that value by creating retention plans for each document type, and the system manages each record accordingly as it’s added to the system.  You and your team will need to define the retention rules, but from there, you can let seamless records management do the work.

After that, all the things that used to be a headache – governance, compliance, and consistency with organizational policy – become peace of mind.


Add/Edit Retention Policy: Define if, when, and by whom records are eliminated – and who must approve the disposal.
Assign Records: Once Retention Policies are created you can assign the proper records with the proper associated policy.
Schedule Disposal: Specify when and how often to check record series against their retention times according to policy.
Open Legal Cases: Manage and assign legal cases and assign custodians to them. Ensure records won’t be purged or altered.
Place on Legal Hold: Documents/record series are held and prevented from deletion or purging, manually or automatically.
Release Legal Hold: Release records from legal hold. Only custodians are permitted to release records from Legal Hold.
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