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Document Management and ECM for Departments

Regardless of the industry in which you work — or the size of your company — DocFinity can make any departmental operation more efficient, more productive, and less expensive. Our content management, BPM, and workflow tools can help you electronically centralize, index, and archive documents, files, faxes, email, voice mail, and images — making them immediately accessible, completely secure, reliably consistent, and completely auditable.

If you start in one department, DocFinity easily rolls out across the entire organization. Its scalability and flexibility allow you to leverage your initial investment from one department to increase your performance and ROI in others. Many companies that start using DocFinity in one department expand it to others for one or both of two reasons: they want to extend its dramatic benefits to other parts of the enterprise, and/or natural demand from other parts of the enterprise who want to experience the same efficiency and productivity DocFinity enables.

You can see some of the departmental benefits of DocFinity in the menu to the left.

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