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ECM and Administrative Support


If you manage tasks that include secretarial, reception, administration, payroll, conferences, information and data processing, mail, distribution, printing and reproduction, telecommunications, or records management — or if you manage people who manage those tasks — you need organization, efficiency, and attention to detail. If there’s paper involved, you also need DocFinity.

Far more than a simple document management system, DocFinity streamlines and simplifies administrative processes by converting paper files to digital, capturing electronic documents, and automating manual processes. Centralizing those digital files makes it instantly accessible — and makes your operation more efficient, productive, consistent, and reliable. Processes that took days can be reduced to minutes by:

  • Electronically capturing and managing all of your documents and files, making them accessible with a mouse click, saving time and eliminating expenses associated with storage, mailing, and lost productivity.
  • Integrating with line-of-business and legacy applications, enabling access to critical documents from any source — Payroll, HR, Accounting, Legal, Customer Service, or other departmental systems.
  • Automating repetitive tasks to standardize work assignment, track files, and launch documents into the workflow, pushing them to the right parties for signatures or further processing — easing audits and ensuring compliance by improving security and transparency.
  • Electronically managing forms management to create, index, store, and route them, eliminating the need for copying, storing, and processing paper versions.
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