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Contract Management

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ECM and Contract Management


From collaboration and authoring through amendment and execution, DocFinity automates, standardizes, and organizes terms, clauses, attachments, amendments, and other contract items as they move through an organization. DocFinity simplifies contract management by:

  • Providing a single, secure repository for all documentation and correspondence, including images, PDFs, Microsoft Word and Excel documents, voice files, pictures, emails, faxes, and more
  • Enabling authorized users to access the repository to search, view, track, edit, upload, and store files
  • Automating processes with BPM and workflow tools that allow you to push documents to the right people at the right time
  • Tracking tools that provide real-time status, with reports on pending contracts, current contract compliance and audits trails, renewal dates, expiring contracts, documentation, correspondence, and more
  • Email notification of contracts requiring action, multi-level security, advanced field and full-text searching, and detailed management reporting
  • Local and remote access to the contracts and addenda
  • Notification to business owners when action is needed under the terms of each contract.
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