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ECM and Customer Service


DocFinity gives service personnel immediate access to current, accurate information about customers and transactions. By replacing paper with digital data — and by storing everything in a centralized repository — service people have instant access to whatever they need: files, documents, correspondence, requests, responses, and more. And by automating repetitive tasks, they can provide better service faster, decrease waiting, increase customer retention, and dramatically improve efficiency and productivity. Far more than a simple document management system, DocFinity enables you to realize these benefits by:

  • Electronically accessing customer files and histories for immediate processing;
  • Routing customer inquiries into an automated workflow;
  • Automatically forwarding open service tickets or customer requests to appropriate departments;
  • Providing consistent, accurate answers in person, or via email, call center, voice mail, or the Web;
  • Reducing paperwork and eliminating the risk of lost files;
  • Guaranteeing the security of sensitive information;
  • Integrating online with accounting, human services, and other departments;
  • Decreasing wait times and saving money with faster, more efficient processing of customer inquiries.

Business challenges rarely get as succinct as this: increase service levels and reduce cost. Business challenges rarely get as easy to resolve as this: DocFinity.

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