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ECM and Legal Departments


It’s ironic: the department that manages so much of your company’s liability may be the biggest source of it. Lost files and documentation, unduly long response times, poor document management, inaccurate or incomplete information, inefficient or ineffective collaboration between parties to contracts or lawsuits, and lack of security or accountability aren’t just headaches. They’re liabilities.

DocFinity eliminates the risk of those liabilities by electronically capturing, indexing, and storing evidentiary and contract data centrally and securely. It enables documents and files to be accessed immediately, managed effectively, and flowed automatically to the appropriate, authorized parties. And it relieves the burdens associated with filing, searching, routing, and tracking documents under time-sensitive conditions by:

  • Providing a single, secure repository for all documentation and correspondence, including images, PDFs, Microsoft Word and Excel documents, voice files, pictures, emails, faxes, and more;
  • Locating structured and unstructured data contained in PDF, images, and other file formats with a full-featured text search engine;
  • Streamlining processes with BPM/Workflow to ensure consistency, standardization, and deadline-driven efficiency;
  • Monitoring the location and status of work in progress;
  • Complying with SOX, HIPAA, and other regulations;
  • Reducing operational expenses with automation, improved turnaround, immediate access, and the elimination of document printing and shipping costs;
  • Automating archiving, retention, and disposal in accordance with your policies.
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