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Enable better information management at less cost from student services and alumni relations to physical plant and police services.


Register for 9/24 WebinarIn the course of processing admission applications and returning decision letters in a timely manner, myriad other documents and materials are received in various formats, none of which can be filed, centralized, and retrieved efficiently. And inefficiencies impede turnaround and discourage student interest. With ECM, BPM, and workflow, DocFinity can help manage those challenges, enabling admissions offices to:

  • Collect, centralize, index, store, secure, access, and flow transcripts, letters of recommendation, faxes, photos, and all other attendant files, materials, and documents electronically.
  • Retrieve those electronic documents instantaneously.
  • Standardize and automate your processes, resulting in improved turnaround times and faster decision-making.
  • Enhance service by providing immediate access to information and providing real-time updates for students and parents.
  • Allow simultaneous access to application materials for review.

In addition, DocFinity enables you to push routine admissions tasks to the appropriate people for timely action. And its secure Web access facilitates communication between departments and campuses, eliminating paper and shipping costs.

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