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WEBINAR: Leveraging Intelligent Capture

WEBINAR: 5 Reasons to Leverage Intelligent Capture Campus-Wide

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Register for Intelligent Capture WebinarThough not a new concept, Intelligent Capture has been out of reach for many institutions due to price, limitations, and the resources needed to implement the system. Evolving technology has presented a key incentive to reconsider an Intelligent Capture implementation – price. Solution providers are now offering full-featured Intelligent Capture technology at a budget-friendly cost. And the ROI is realized from the start.

But, do you know what you’re looking for in an Intelligent Capture solution? Prepare to ask the right questions by educating yourself on what this single module is doing for institutions, especially when integrated with your SIS, ECM system, and workflows campus-wide.

5 Takeaways of the Intelligent Capture Webinar for Higher-Ed Institutions:

  1. During peak enrollment times, instantly categorize incoming application documents, extract information for indexing and SIS needs, and push the right information to the right advisor only when complete application packages have been received.
  2. Leverage non-template based Intelligent Capture technology to relieve staff of daunting transcript data entry, getting them back to the work that makes a difference on campus.
  3. Place extracted values against a set of rules to validate student information and course requirements, or trigger business processes without human intervention.
  4. Significantly decrease turnaround in Accounting’s invoice and voucher payment process by accurately extracting invoice header information and line item detail, allowing institutions to take full advantage of quick pay discounts.
  5. Reduce errors in data entry, expedite processes and file retrieval, and better compliance initiatives by accurately extracting information from both structured and unstructured documents for utilization in all campus systems and workflows.

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