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K-12 School Districts

Enable better information management at less cost from student services and alumni relations to physical plant and police services.

ECM and Document Management for K-12 School Districts

Register for 9/24 WebinarIn a public-education system in which budgets are shrinking and costs are growing, efficiency is a necessity, and expense-reduction is king. DocFinity helps schools and school districts cut costs, improve services, and avoid risks by offering secure and reliable access to student and teacher/employee records. Secure Web-based access to information improves services to colleges and universities that request information, as well as to parents and other stakeholders. Electronic processes help save money and improve performance because:

  • Electronic forms facilitate standard requests and collection of information, ensuring that it is complete.
  • Central storage permits indexing and management of student/staff/employee records, payroll records, board meeting minutes, contracts, and other documents, enabling access with a click of a mouse.
  • Scanning tools convert paper documents to digital files and make them accessible immediately from any Web browser.
  • BPM and workflow tools integrate with business and administrative software applications, automating requests for documentation and other standard, routine tasks.
  • Reporting tools analyze productivity and identify bottlenecks in your processing, helping you reallocate work, streamline processes, improve audits, and offer better service.
  • Records management tools automate records retention, disposition, and migration schedules, preventing errors associated with manual processes. Student information is available when it is requested, and records are disposed of according to industry regulations.
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