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Police Services

Enable better information management at less cost from student services and alumni relations to physical plant and police services.

ECM and Campus Police Services

Register for 9/24 WebinarInvestigative incident reports can run from a few pages to thousands of them. Those documents have to be stored securely and retrieved efficiently. Access to them has to be controlled to protect sensitive information. DocFinity enables your campus police department to:

  • Store files electronically in a single, secure repository for instant access;
  • Index and file previously unstructured documents as you see fit;
  • Provide instant remote access to reports and other documents via the Web;
  • Retrieve, upload, and manage records wherever and whenever they’re needed;
  • Automate and standardize repetitive processes;
  • Improve and accelerate service to students and the institution.

Our BPM tools also facilitate communication and collaboration between campus, borough, and other police units. Data can be shared securely and immediately, helping police react more quickly and effectively to resolve incidents and prevent others.

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