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Transfer Students

Enable better information management at less cost from student services and alumni relations to physical plant and police services.

ECM and Transfer Students

Register for 9/24 WebinarWhen students consider transferring to your institution, the quality of information and the responsiveness you provide can positively influence their decisions. DocFinity expedites the processing of transcript requests, making all of a student’s information available to those with authorization to access it, view it, or act on it. Reporting tools make it easy to see who’s viewed materials and approved, signed, or taken other actions on students and their files. BPM and workflow tools push tasks through the process for quicker communication and approval. If a student decides to transfer from your institution to another, this same integrity of data is ensured.

DocFinity improves all transfer-related processes by:

  • Providing instant access to student records and transcripts;
  • Integrating with student information systems;
  • Enhancing communication with students and other institutions;
  • Boosting efficiency and productivity;
  • Reducing processing time and costs;
  • Improving student services.
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