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Municipal Government

Expedite and standardize routine processes to achieve greater efficiency, improved productivity, and lower cost.

ECM and Municipal Government Agencies


Agencies charged with the quality of life for their citizens — with responsibilities for health, safety, employment, education, transit, and other public services — can’t afford inefficiency. Executives, administrators, and employees shouldn’t have to spend undue hours searching for information amid forms, documents, emails, voice messages, photos, and video files. DocFinity’s document management, BPM, and workflow tools let you spend more time helping your citizens than on redundant processing and hectic searches for information. DocFinity addresses the needs of any department or agency that needs to organize, index, store, retrieve, and protect information in providing timely public service, including:

  • Administrative Services
  • Civil and Criminal Courts
  • Engineering and Planning Office
  • Fire Department and Inspections
  • Labor and Workforce Development
  • Mayor’s Office
  • Metropolitan Transportation Services
  • Municipal Clerk
  • Recorder of Deeds
  • Register of Wills
  • Tax Claim bureaus

Whether you represent a local municipality or a county government, DocFinity has the tools to centralize the information you have in diverse business applications and make it simply and quickly accessible — making you more productive, eliminating redundancy, preventing lost files, ensuring processes are handled consistently, and streamlining workflow to help you work faster and smarter.

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