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Expedite and standardize routine processes to achieve greater efficiency, improved productivity, and lower cost.

ECM and State Government Agencies


DocFinity’s document, BPM, and workflow tools simplify information management and regulatory compliance. DocFinity integrates with existing software systems and business applications to help you:

  • Scan, index, store, and retrieve information;
  • Access all of your records from a centrally searchable database;
  • Reduce or eliminate paper storage and make records available electronically;
  • Ensure web-based, secure access to documents for everyone who needs it;
  • Allocate work electronically and oversee the management of entire processes;
  • Extract useful, timely information and make it available on your Web portal for the public;
  • Produce detailed audit reports to demonstrate compliance with regulatory requirements and internal policies;
  • Work more efficiently.

In addition, DocFinity helps you comply with open-records and right-to-know laws, avoiding non-compliance civil penalties and fines. It’s difficult for paper-based offices to respond quickly to information requests. Without effective retrieval capabilities, even offices that use electronic processes may have difficulty complying. That’s why DocFinity enables you to produce records with the click of a mouse, making them available to authorized users immediately, in the office or via the Web. In addition to increasing efficiency, DocFinity also gives you the transparency mandated by law. That makes it a valuable tool anyplace in which documents need to be stored, accessed, processed, and managed securely, including:

  • Office of Attorney General
  • The Auditor General’s Office
  • The Comptroller’s Office
  • The Department of Natural Resources
  • Emergency Management Services
  • Public Health and Safety
  • State Welfare Departments
  • Transportation Services.
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