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BPM / Workflow

Improve processes and reduce costs from admission to discharge, from forms to filing, from secure access to records management.

BPM/Workflow for Healthcare Facilities

Whether we are talking about hospitals, MMIS, or any other healthcare operation, most environments are dominated by one or many core applications that lord over the technology landscape. These systems profess to do it all, but they rarely deliver—or at least not for long. Standards and best practices change faster than hardcoded solutions can. Furthermore, most of the core solutions are configured to handle data, but documents remain a foreign thought.

This is where DocFinity’s BPM/Workflow steps to the forefront. DocFinity delivers a configurable and agile solution that allows you to link your various solutions together to improve your current processes. At the same time, it offers the flexibility to move on a dime as processes and regulations change.

DocFinity eliminates the need to hardcode processes. It enables the electronic routing of information to increase productivity, accuracy, and efficiency — and improve decision-making. With the ability to integrate with any third party solutions such as Epic, Siemens, Eclipsys, CPSI, and various healthcare management systems, DocFinity leverages the tools you already have to help you to achieve more from your investments:

DocFinity electronically simulates the way you now process clinical and back-office documents, files, and records. Scanned information, COLD-ERM reports, faxes, email messages, X-rays, EOBs, CMS 1500 (HCFA) and UB-04 forms, checks, medical records, and other documents can be routed for review and approval throughout the organization. To keep you flexible, DocFinity workflow processes are easy to design, test, and implement from any web browser.

DocFinity expedites tasks by using BPM/Workflow in conjunction with other DocFinity applications. Electronic signatures and electronic forms improve processing and minimize the potential for errors. Unlike legacy or hard coded applications, DocFinity workflow allows you to design agile processes, giving you the ability to evolve with the ever-changing healthcare environment.

Healthcare: BPM / Workflow

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