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ECM and Medical Credentialing

Medical credentialing can be time-consuming and document-intensive for healthcare facilities. Keeping track of signatures, approvals, reviews, authorizations, deadlines, and composites of information can be daunting and tiring. With DocFinity, you can automate the process. BPM and workflow tools make the entire process more efficient, ensuring credentialing information is complete, verified, up-to-date, and timely. And by automating and standardizing the process, organizations simplify procedures for doctors, staff, and the approval board. Here’s how:

  • Committee members can view all information prior to meetings, logging in from wherever they are to review materials and vote on candidates.
  • Organizations can define their own credentialing verification criteria.
  • Organizations can store scanned copies of licenses, certificates, and photos of each physician.
  • Expiration dates for Medical Licenses, Board Recertifications, DEA Certifications, Insurance policies, and more can be tracked, with notices issued in advance.
  • Electronic routing enables organizations to request further documentation, review, and signatures.
  • Applications and supporting materials can be simultaneously forwarded to different departments for approvals.
  • Electronic signatures for managers and department chairs can be used to designate approval.
  • Encryption, security, and audit trails throughout the credentialing process demonstrate accountability.
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