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Improve processes and reduce costs from admission to discharge, from forms to filing, from secure access to records management.

ECM and Electronic Medical Records / Electronic Health Records

Organizations invest millions of dollars in electronic medical and health records systems. While these systems are feature-rich, most are limited in their ability to capture paper documents, as well as the electronic files that typically comprise a patient record. As a result, they still leave non-clinical departments with their own document management challenges. Even with electronic medical records (EMR) and electronic health records (EHR), admissions, billing, accounting, HR, credentialing, security and compliance, training, and other departments don’t get the benefit. We can help.

With DocFinity, you can augment your other systems to:

  • Automate workflow by integrating with EMR/EHR systems, allowing you to retrieve and share information with the click of a mouse;
  • Securely store, immediately retrieve, and electronically route staff information;
  • Expedite operations in accounting, human resources, compliance, and other departments;
  • Capture and route lab results, patient demographics, risk factors, and other information to update patient records in every department;
  • Register patients electronically;
  • Automatically create patient records as new patients register with admissions;
  • Update EHR/EMR applications with the new records;
  • Add new records to DocFinity via HL7;
  • Access clinical processes via HL7;
  • Integrate paper documents, email messages, faxes, voice files, wav files, and other e-files into your electronic medical records management system;
  • Manage accounting, credentialing, human resources, registration, and compliance records.
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