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Medicaid Processing

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Solutions for Medicaid Managers

Healthcare officials and Medicaid Management Information System (MMIS) providers coast-to-coast continue to choose DocFinity software as part of their healthcare program administration solutions. As a leading provider of ECM and BPM technology to the health insurance space, we understand your need to streamline flow of work, reduce costs, and manage growth cost effectively. We know you need quick and secure access to information to make the right decisions quickly and provide the service your customers expect. From reliable healthcare informatics to increased efficiency, cost control, and better service, DocFinity provides the tools for success.

DocFinity stores, processes, and manages millions of mission-critical documents across all lines of the insurance business enabling intelligent, profitable operations and sustainable growth. With instant and secure browser-based access to the information you need, the goal of providing affordable, first-rate service is a reality. You’ll streamline and automate business processes, shorten turnaround times, and increase self-service. And detailed analytics will provide the intelligence you need to respond to changes swiftly and remain competitive.

DocFinity Records Management addresses your need to control information from cradle to grave. Not only can you define who can access what information, you can review audit trails and automate  retention schedules and eDiscovery holds all from within the single-interface DocFinity software.

The DocFinity Experience

With 4,000+ users, one of the largest Medicare processors in the United States uses DocFinity to process claims, review appeals, track staff/customer correspondence, enroll new clients, manage incident and service requests, and review medical documentation for high-volume government and commercial contracts. They utilize the full suite of DocFinity software, tailoring components to each contract’s needs and integrating with LOB applications for ease of use. Results include:

  • 85 million pages scanned & stored each year;
  • 4.7 million documents processed annually through workflow;
  • Medical records review process reduced from 10 days to 4;
  • Work distribution time reduced by 60%;
  • Clerical staff reduced by 50%;
  • Increased control with electronic document delivery;
  • Lower admin costs creating a competitive advantage.


Fast ROI, Manageable Growth, and Savings

The DocFinity software has been a key element in success stories among healthcare and insurance related organizations of all types and sizes. Using DocFinity:

  • One of America’s largest medical laboratories eliminated $6.1 million in bad debts by integrating Mobius & and other core applications with the ECM/BPM software; they also reduced paper costs by $400,000.
  • A well-known insurance provider’s premium growth increased 34% in a single year, and they eliminated costs related to managing over 30 million pages of paper.
  • A mid-west insurer’s claims department reduced processing from 30 days to 3; premium growth grew from 16% to 300%; 30% more claims were processed annually; and they saved $100,000 on paper related costs.
  • A national insurer processed 15% more work with half the staff; and effective correspondence handling increased underwriter productivity by 50%.

Whether you’re storing information for future retrieval or to follow disposition schedules, processing Medicaid and Medicare claims and payments, or providing intelligent service to your customers, DocFinity ensures coverage you can rely on.

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