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Add On Modules

Enhanced capabilities that help your system grow as your enterprise does.

As your business grows and your needs increase, you can add product modules as you see fit, expanding your ECM functionality with process capabilities that include:


DocFinity Dashboards allows you to gain insight into DocFinity based activities, as well as all business applications, servers, and repositories. Visually see how your business is running, enabling you to proactively avoid bottlenecks in your processes and dips in productivity.

Intelligent Capture

DocFinity Intelligent Capture automates document classification and accurately extracts data from structured, semi-structured, and unstructured documents for indexing, triggering workflows, or use in other systems, reducing the risk of human error and saving time.


Takes text reports—typically from a mainframe—and breaks them up into smaller documents, indexing them using the information in the report for rapid, focused retrieval of information for those who need it. COLD/ERM is extensible to support virtually any type of print stream.


BPM/Workflow allows you to standardize and expedite processes by pushing and pulling data and/or files – from email, voicemail, faxes, admin systems, and more – to people and/or systems. Easily design and modify robust workflows via the intuitive drag-and-drop, point-and-click designer.

Enterprise Search

Queries the repository for text matches in non-text file formats such as PDF, TIFF, HTML, and JPEG. Locates structured and unstructured data contained in files and other documents — and combines keyword and full-text searching.


The DocFinity eForms module enables users to design simple and complex electronic forms. It also enables forms to automatically trigger new workflow processes upon submission – and to be integrated into existing websites, portals, or any other system and software investments.

Records Management

DocFinity Records Management creates clear, auditable trails of evidence for every process performed on every record in the system. Groups related documents into Record Series and provides mechanisms to automate management in basic retention policies — including rules to map records to retention policies, approval process or record disposal, and rendering records in non-editable formats. Provides advanced retention policies, including legal hold.

DocFinity Exporter

Takes user-defined collections of documents and extracts the files and associated database records that identify those documents. The extracted content – written to the network folder or to the CD/DVD
drive of choice – then can be used to transfer document collections reliably to third parties and/or other systems.

DocFinity Connect

A zero programming integration tool that allows you to quickly and easily map a field, designate a hotkey, and proceed to query DocFinity to display the associated images. DocFinity Connect also enables users to pass index values in an automated fashion between systems to eliminate the labor expense of data entry.

Fax Integration

Connects DocFinity with electronic fax servers such as RightFax or to provide outgoing faxing capabilities.

Print To DocFinity

Indexes documents into the DocFinity repository from their native applications by selecting DocFinity PDF Printer as the printer. The PDF copy then opens so you can provide indexing metadata according to a pre-selected indexing scheme.


Supports Health Level Seven International (HL7), the global
standard for interoperability of health information technology.

Hierarchical Storage Management (HSM):

Automates file back-up and the movement of records from expensive fast storage to more cost-effective, long-term storage options.

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