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DocFinity Core

Comprehensive ECM capabilities, out of the box.

Implement DocFinity in a single department — or across an entire organization — to quickly employ the benefits of ECM and BPM.

Because it’s scalable to accommodate the needs of global corporations — and priced to be affordable for local start-ups — DocFinity can make you paperlessly, collaboratively efficient quickly and easily. The foundation of our product suite is the DocFinity Core. The base system comprises:


Converts paper documents to digital files as single or multi page images, simplex or duplex, color or black and white. And never a click charge.


Offers a comprehensive feature set that can be configured to go beyond basic field entry to provide dynamic validation and automated indexing functionality. It can also be configured with datasources to pull associated data from third party applications.


Enables keyword, full text, drill
down foldering, and checklist searches, as well as combinations
of each to provide unlimited simple and complex searching possibilities.


Provides instantaneous, onscreen visibility of your documents. Also offers view as PDF option and full annotation capabilities.


Gives you complete control over access, task assignment and monitoring, load balancing, and security from a single, intuitive interface.


Includes object, index, and email importers that let you automate the import of virtually any file type directly into the system or a workflow process, even from other document management systems. Unlike our competitors, we don’t charge by the importer.

Print Server

Enables users to print multiple stored documents without having to open them, reducing network traffic and increasing productivity.


Tracks changes to documents, files, metadata, and markup, preserving the history and evolution of a document and allowing reversion to previous versions.

Office Integration

Installs a DocFinity button inside
of Microsoft Word and Outlook to
allow users to pass documents and data directly into DocFinity without leaving the Microsoft interface.


Allows all attendant systems, applications, and data sources to interface with DocFinity.


DocFinity Core. All you need. More than you might expect.

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