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Course Descriptions

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We help support your commitment to DocFinity by helping your people maximize their use of the powerful tool you’ve bought for them. Managers, IT staff, database and network administrators, and end-users learn – and help create – the most effective ways to use DocFinity within your company.

We offer classes at our offices, in yours, interactively via the Web, as well as self-paced training. These courses help users simplify and administer the software, even as we help them design automation processes to run smoothly behind the scenes. Foundation courses cover scanning and administration. In-depth courses cover topics like tailored workflows and records management. We provide detailed instructional and reference materials with each course. And we award Certificates of Completion to those who complete each class or course.

Self-Paced Training

Several of our courses are available in a self-paced format. This option allows attendees to set their own pace in learning the prepared course material, while still having the advantages of instructor-led group activities. Activity handouts will be made available before each instructor-led group activity. Access to the online interface is not restricted to traditional desktop/laptop computers; it can also be used on mobile devices. Project handouts of the PowerPoint slides, and also full DocFinity manuals in PDF format, can be made available to attendees, if desired.

Our comprehensive curriculum includes:

  • DocFinity Core
  • Administration
  • System Design
  • System Architecture
  • BPM/Workflow
  • eForms
  • APIs
  • COLD
  • Records Management
  • SQL
  • Dashboards

If you would like to speak with a member of our services team to discuss our training programs, please contact us.